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Canada Denies Immigration Visas to Huawei Employees

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Canada's government is preparing to deny entry visa to two Huawei employees over concerns about spying by the company.

An immigration officer at Canada's Hong Kong consulate told one of the two applicants that "there are reasonable grounds to believe that you are a member of the inadmissible class of persons described in section 34(1)(f) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act."

That part of the immigration code applies to people the government suspects may belong to an organization engaged in espionage, government subversion or terrorism.

The second applicant was later told that while they cleared the checks, there were concerns about their spouse, which meant the visa application was being rejected.

The letters from the immigration officials were sent to the South China Morning Post by the company representing the two Huawei employees.

The two Huawei staff "definitely and categorically" deny being spies.

The newspaper did not name the two staff who filed their applications independently of each other, and possibly without Huawei's knowledge.

The immigration company supporting their applications, Well Trend United said that both employees were low-mid ranking staff with "mundane" jobs, and it was puzzled as plenty of other Huawei staff had been granted visas in the past.

Well Trend's Vice-President, Victor Lum said that the rejection of such applications on espionage suspicion was exceedingly rare.

Both refusals have been appealed against by the two people concerned.

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