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Telecom Italia Names New CEO Following Ousting of Predecessor

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Telecom Italia has named Flavio Cattaneo has its new CEO, replacing Marco Patuano who was removed last week following clashes with the company's largest shareholder.

TI's new CEO, Flavio Cattaneo is currently the boss of a high speed railway, but used to head the broadcaster, RAI, which is expected to prove useful as the company deepens its ties with media content providers.

Telecom Italia's largest shareholder is France's Vivendi, and it had been pushing the company to work with media suppliers, but this was resisted by the former CEO.

Vivendi's Chairman Vincent Bollore was reportedly involved in interviewing candidates for his replacement.

Vivendi is also keen for Telecom Italia to sell its Brazilian subsidiary, a move which the Italian firm has long resisted.

Telecom Italia's chairman Giuseppe Recchi was also given additional responsibilities, according to the company's statement, and the new CEO is expected to work more closely with the Chairman in future.

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