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Thai Regulator Blocks Plans for 4G at 1800Mhz

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Thailand's telecoms regulator has blocked plans by DTAC to refarm some of its unused 1800Mhz spectrum for LTE services.

The regulator said that the proposal would have broken the " concession agreement between DTAC and its concession owner CAT Telecom,"

DTAC currently leases 50Mhz of 1800Mhz spectrum from CAT Telecom under an agreement which expires in 2018. It returned 5Mhz of spectrum last year, but is still left with 20Mhz of unusued spectrum.

The company wanted to reuse it for LTE services, but the regulator wants to see contracts between the two companies before it will approve the request.

It's not clear at the moment why the two companies had not been able to submit proof that both sides were happy with the plans, but the regulator indicated that it would be agreeable to permit the changes if the documentation is supplied.

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