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Phone Manufacturers Face Jail Time if Phones Cannot be Decypted

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

French politicians have voted in favour of a law which would penalise smartphone manufacturers who do not cooperate with terrorism inquiries.

The government is currently passing new laws to deal with the recent rise in terrorist attacks in the country, but had opposed the amendment, which had been tabled by opposition politicians.

The bill is needed so that the country can drop the state of emergency which came into effect following the Paris attacks last November.

The amendment to the penal reform bill could see smartphone manufacturers who fail to decrypt messages on demand subjected to a EUR350,000 fine, and up to five years in jail.

Key personnel in the related mobile networks could face up to two years of jail time.

The government is expected to try and overturn the vote, but if it comes into effect, it is likely to be impotent with smartphone manufacturers rushing to make decryption of messages essentially impossible.

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