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Australia Auctions Off Blocks of 1800Mhz Spectrum

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Australian mobile networks have collectively paid AU$543.5 million in a radio spectrum auction run by the telecoms regulator, the ACMA.

The auction, which commenced on 30 November last year, ran over 179 rounds, enabling bidders to identify and place bids on spectrum within the band in those geographical areas they valued most.

  • Optus Mobile - $196 million

  • Telstra - $191 million

  • TPG Internet - $88 million

  • Vodafone - $68 million

"The 1800 MHz band spectrum auction process ran very efficiently and the simultaneous multi-round ascending (SMRA) auction format proved highly effective in testing the market value of the spectrum and allocating it to those parties that valued it most," said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

Any of the spectrum lots that were left unallocated may be later offered for allocation by a procedure and at a time to be determined by the ACMA. No consideration has presently been given to any future allocation of this unallocated spectrum.

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