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One in Ten (9%) Canadians Do Not Have Internet Access at Home

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Nine in Ten (91%) Canadians have access or subscribe to the Internet at home, according to a new Ipsos syndicated study.

Less than one in ten (9%) Canadians report that they do not subscribe to or have access to the Internet at home, with 5% saying they do not access the Internet at all, 2% are accessing elsewhere outside the home, and 2% access by mobile only.

Canadians who do not subscribe to or have access to the Internet skew older (over 55 years old), and are typically less educated. They also, on average, have significantly lower household incomes (average - $44K) and are more likely to live in rural areas/towns than those who access or subscribe to the internet at home.

No Access to the Internet at Home is More About Relevance than Cost…

For the 9% of Canadians who do not have access or subscribe to the Internet at home, relevance (49%) is the main reason for not subscribing to the Internet at home, followed by cost (30%), usability issues (22%), and lack of availability or access (8%). In fact, most (70%) non-subscribers do not mention cost at all as a barrier.

The digital divide is commonly thought to be driven primarily by income inequality but, in fact, lack of affordability is only a barrier for a fraction of Canadians. Instead, a more salient issue is that of relevance, i.e. those who see the value of the Internet in their lives are willing to pay for it, and those who don't are not. In fact, 30% of those who don't access at home subscribe to a print newspaper and/or print magazine, the same incidence as the general population.

Those who do not subscribe to the Internet cite motivation (36%), such as not seeing the value or not liking to be on the Internet, as their key barrier to taking full advantage of the Internet, while 21% cite the lack of opportunity, such as lack of access or inability to afford it, and 18% say it's about capability, such as lacking the skills or knowledge on how to use or fully use the Internet.


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