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14% Mobile Connected Commuters Engage in Commuter Commerce

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

More than one in ten (14%) mobile connected commuters engage in commuter commerce, according to an Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of PayPal.

Most mobile connected commuters are texting (67%), but they also are checking social media (44%), talking on their phone (44%), streaming/listening to music (44%), playing online/app games (41%), reading the news (38%), taking pictures or video (20%), researching things to buy (19%), watching tv/videos (17%) or doing something else (7%).

While 14% of mobile connected commuters currently shop while on transit, three in four (76%) would consider buying a wide-range of products if mobile shopping options were easily available.

Thinking about what commuter commerce users have bought in the past, these items include movie, game or concert tickets (62%), clothing, shoes or accessories (62%), gifts for family and friends (55%), groceries or food for home delivery or pick-up (53%), electronics, games and tech accessories (50%), home furniture or décor (37%), or some other item (4%).

Looking ahead to the future, four in ten (43%) connected commuters would consider buying gifts for family and friends, while others would consider buying clothing, shoes and accessories (42%), movie, game or concert tickets (41%), electronics, games and tech accessories (37%), groceries or food for home delivery or pick-up (30%);, or home furniture or décor (27%). One quarter (24%) would not consider buying anything if mobile shopping options were easily available. Given the spread between current commuter commerce users (14%) and those receptive to it (76%), the proportion of active commuter commerce users could increase five-fold if mobile shopping options while commuting were easily available.

Mobile Commerce Opportunities on Public Transit

The survey reveals that two in ten (21%) Canadians are regular transit users, using public transit more than 3 times a week to commute and get around. Of those who use public transit regularly, one in five (22%) commute for less than 30 minutes, less than one half (45%) commute between 30 and 60 minutes, and one third (33%) commute for more than one hour - leaving them with lots of time to shop online since two thirds (69%) of transit commuters are connected on their phone while commuting.

Seven in ten mobile-connected commuters agree (71% - 31% strongly/ 41% somewhat) that they would like to browse their favourite stores on their mobile phones while commuting. Moreover, seven in ten agree (69% - 35% strongly/34% somewhat) that they would also like to shop securely while commuting because it's a big time saver. Those who use mobile phones while on public transit identify a number of barriers that make it difficult to shop online with their mobile device, these include:

  • Bad/no cell phone reception or no Wi-Fi on public transit - 45%
  • Being worried about security and credit card information - 38%
  • Never thought about shopping while on public transit - 31%
  • Have never used their connected mobile device to shop and not sure how - 13%
  • Their favourite stores don't have mobile friendly websites - 9%

Only 14% of mobile connected commuters say there is nothing holding them back from engaging in commuter commerce.

Commuter Commerce Monthly Spend…

Among Canadians who are connected to the web while commuting and say that they have shopped while on the move, the average monthly spend of these shoppers in the following categories is:

  • $128 on groceries or food for home delivery and pickup
  • $73 on movies, games or concert tickets
  • $111 on clothing, shoes and accessories
  • $100 on home furniture and décor
  • $53 on electronics, games and tech accessories
  • $64 on other purchases

Adding up all of these categories reveals a total average monthly spend of $529.

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