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Moldova to Hold Radio Spectrum Auction

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Moldova's telecoms regulator has release details of a spectrum license auction for the use of radio frequencies in 800, e900, 2100, 2600 and 3400 3800 MHz bands for the provision of public terrestrial cellular mobile electronic communications networks and services.

The following sixteen spectrum licenses are available to auction:

  • One license in the 800 MHz band: 801-811/842-852 MHz (FDD regime - 2x10 MHz).
  • Two licenses in the 900 MHz band: one for 880-885/925-930 MHz sub-band: and one for 885-890/930-935 MHz sub-band (FDD regime, 2x5 MHz).
  • Two licenses in the 2100 MHz band: one totaling 34,6 MHz, of which 5MHz in the sub-band1909,9-1914,9MHz, (TDD regime) and 214,8 MHz are in the sub-band 1964,9-1979,7/2154,9-2169,7 (FDD regime), the second license is for the sub-band 2010-2025 MHz (15 MHz, TDD regime);
  • Three licenses in the 2600 MHz band: one for sub-band 2500-2520/2620-2640 MHz (FDD regime, 2x20 MHz,); one for sub-band 2560-2570/2680-2690 MHz (FDD regime, 2x10 MHz) and one for sub-band: 2575-2615 MHz, (TDD regime, 40 MHz);
  • Eight licenses in 3400-3800 MHz band, 50 MHz bandwidth each (in TDD or FDD regime).

The auction is open to local and international companies. Legal entities, civil societies/associations of legal entities from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad are welcome to submit their bids.

According to the Terms of Reference of the auction and Special Procedure for Organization and Conducting Spectrum Auctions, the auction will be based on a competitive selection procedure (first price clock auction).

In order to participate, interested parties are invited to submit by November, 13 their applications to ANRCETI, according to the Terms of Reference of the auction and the Special Procedure.

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