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Skype Confirms Bug can Crash its App

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

VoIP telephony provider, Skype has confirmed that it is trying to fix a bug that can cause its chat apps to repeatedly crash.

The bug can be triggered very simply, by someone sending a short string of text to the recipient, and as soon as they receive it, their Skype app crashes.

The flaw affects its software on Android, iPhone and some versions of Windows, but does not appear to affect Macs.

"We are aware of the problem, and are working to provide a resolution," a Skype spokeswoman said.

The discovery comes a week after a similar but unrelated bug was found to affect texting apps on iPhones.

The problem with Skype was first revealed by a Russia-based user on the company's community forum.

"Clearing chat history [does] not help, because when Skype downloads chat history from server, it will crash again," wrote a person nicknamed Giperion.

One possible fix has been suggested in that the person who sent the original message must delete it, and the affected user needs to delete the Skype app and install an older version of the software.

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