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Elisa, Nokia Networks boost speed of uploading content to web

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Elisa and Nokia Networks have jointly conducted successful tests of Centralized RAN under extreme load conditions at the packed Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. Running on the operator's live LTE network, the solution delivered data uploads more than two and a half times faster, while cutting smartphone power consumption by one third.

No uplink congestion for sports & music fans

Mass events such as hockey games and world-class concerts attract up to fifteen thousand fans to the Hartwall Arena. Smartphones are heavily used by visitors to take pictures and videos and share their experiences over social networks. Telecommunications services have to be delivered then and there, with no delays and with the lowest possible battery drain so they can last throughout the event.

And this is exactly what Nokia Centralized RAN delivers: it eliminates uplink congestion by embracing interference and turning it into useful traffic. Clever baseband interworking and liquid cells are key here. As demonstrated, it improved the average uplink throughputs by more than 2.5 times and extended the battery life by an average of 33% as devices no longer need to transmit at high power to fight interference.

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