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Viber Evades VoiP Block in Jamaica

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Voip based OTT provider, Viber appears to have secured a bypass around a service block imposed on it by Jamaica's Digicel last week.

The company has not commented on the issue other than an earlier statement that it would usually be able to find ways around mobile network blocks.

Jamaica's Digicel and Lime have both officially blocked the VoIP serivce offered by Viber and other companies, claiming that they are not regulated and should not be offered to customers. The VoIP services also deprive the mobile networks of revenue.

The Jamaican government has come under pressure to intervene, but it turns out that there is no regulatory reason why the mobile networks shouldn't block services if they want to.

The government would need to rush through new laws to force the mobile networks to unlock the services.

In the meantime, Viber, and the others will continue to seek routes around mobile network blocks.

In related news, Digicel's blocking of Viber in Trinidad and Tobago has been removed following intervention by the local regulator, the TATT pending an investigation.

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