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US Network Improves Performance in Congested Cells

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

USA based regional mobile network operator, Cellcom has awarded a contract to Vasona Networks to improve its mobile broadband performance.

The Wisconsin-based operator has deployed both the Vasona SmartAIR1000 edge application controller and SmartVISION analysis suite to gain real-time visibility of network congestion and improve the overall mobile broadband experience when cells are overloaded.

During periods of congestion, Cellcom is reported to see more than 30 percent improved bitrate performance for video and web browsing, and a 35 percent reduction in mobile service latency.

Cellcom said that it was particularly important that the video experience be improved for subscribers. By working with Vasona Networks, Cellcom helps subscribers reduce or avoid the "spinning wheel" waiting experience when accessing media.

"We examined several options for RAN optimization and were impressed by how well the Vasona Networks edge application controller and analysis suite could meet our requirements for real-time cell congestion management, faster web browsing, improved video streaming and a reduction in latency," says Robert Riordan, executive vice president and director of corporate development for Cellcom. "After initial deployments in a handful and then hundreds of cells, the outcome was so successful that we rolled out the Vasona Networks solution across our network."

The Vasona SmartAIR integrates between the mobile network core and the RAN (radio access network), where it assesses when and how congestion occurs in each cell. It also examines the characteristics of all contending application sessions at that moment and determines how much bandwidth each needs for smooth performance. If any cell on the network becomes congested, the SmartAIR takes action to manage service quality.

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