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Aptoide Accuses Google of Crushing Independent App Stores

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Portuguese app store, Aptoide has filed a complaint with the European Union competition authorities calling for an investigation into Google's dominance of the Android app market.

Aptoide's CEO Paulo Trezentos alleged that Google wasn't "playing fair" in the mobile app market, and has called on the European Union to "restore fair competition in the market"

The company cited four main areas of concern about Google'a approach to promoting mobile apps.

The main one is that it is becoming harder to instal apps onto Android phones through 3rd-party app stores, which Aptoide blames on deliberate decisions by Google to restrict or adapt some of the underlying software code.

Trezentos also says that Google tools such as the Chromium open source Web browser block access to third-party app stores.

Aptoide wants alternative app stores to be classified as 'trusted sources' in the Android OS.

Google has faced a number of anti-trust allegations in Europe as it expands its reach into more services. The complaint filed by Aptoide has a similar tone to that which forced Microsoft to make it easier to install alternative web browsers on Windows PCs.

With such similarities in the complaints, Aptoide's filing could shake up the market much in the way that lead to the emergence of Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox did in the browser market.

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