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Google Planning $3 Billion Satellite Network for Rural Internet Coverage

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Plans to smother the entire planet with internet connectivity through a low earth satellite network are reportedly being planned by Google.

The billion-dollar venture would see the company launch its own satellites and use them to provide internet access in rural areas that are currently not served by terrestrial services.

Being a low-earth orbit network, the satellites should be close enough to the ground to reduce the latency on the connection, which has often been the main problem with such services in the past.

Google has previously backed the independent organisation O3b Networks which aims to offer the same service, but has now hired staff from that company to work on its own network.

The network would initially cost around USD1 billion, but that could rise to USD3 billion if the entire network of 180 mini-satellites was to be launched.

Google has previously dabbled in rural coverage boosting ideas such as floating balloons, but seems to be falling back on the tried and tested option of satellites instead.

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