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Apple Products go on Official Sale in Iran for the first time

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

What is thought to be Iran's first official reseller of Apple products has opened in the country.

Until now, Apple products could only be bought on the grey market as Apple had no official reseller in the country due to US sanctions blocking exports to Iran.

Various local reports suggest that Vaghaye Gostar Fars has now received a permit from the country's authorities to import Apple phones and computers openly and sell them. It's not clear if the company has a commercial relationship with Apple, or is buying via third-party wholesalers though.

Last May, the US government relaxed its export ban on electronics to Iran, and Apple amended its own website to reflect the new business conditions, but did not appear to take the mater any further.

Certainly there is no indication of Apple opening one of its flagship stores in the country.

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