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Czech Networks Agree to Share LTE Infrastructure

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Two Czech Republic based mobile operators, O2 and T Mobile have signed an agreement on sharing their LTE networks. Both operators will continue using their own core network infrastructure and will retain independent business strategies.

The agreement is a result of negotiation that was announced at the end of February. Sharing of the radio infrastructure will allow quicker 4G LTE rollout than has been stipulated in the conditions of the 4G license auction.

"Thanks to this agreement, we will bring fast mobile internet to Czech customers in a very short time - both in rural and urban areas of the country. A shared network is also a European trend, as evidenced by similar successful projects in the UK, Sweden or France," says Luis Malvido, CEO of O2.

Both companies will conduct the first tests in the coming weeks in order to assess the full functionality of the technical solution. After all the processes are fine-tuned in testing conditions, the commercial sharing will begin in H2 2014.

LTE network sharing will cover the whole country, excluding Brno and Prague.

O2 will become responsible for running and maintaining the network in the eastern part of the country, while T-Mobile will run the western regions of the country

Both T-Mobile and O2 will meet all the requirements set forth by the conditions of the spectrum auction. The sharing will affect only the radio elements of the network, the core infrastructure will remain independent. Therefore, both operators will continue competing both in the quality and speed of their service.

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