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Microsoft Starts Cross-Promoting Desktop and Mobile Apps in App Stores

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Microsoft has announced upgrades to its Development Centres with the aim of more closely tying in the mobile and desktop app services.

In a blog post, the company announced the opening of the Windows Phone Dev Center for publishing Windows Phone 8.1 apps and for linking Windows and Windows Phone apps to create universal Windows apps.

The phone apps dev centre is already rolling out to users, and the desktop apps version should start appearing later this week.

The key improvement is the linking of a single app across multiple platforms, so when a user is looking for a software programme for their computer, they can also be offered its mobile equivalent as well.

App developers can also now reserve names for up to a year if they plan to port the app to another linked platform. So a smartphone app can now reserve the name in the desktop store as well.

In addition, if the users Windows Phone app has an 8.1 package, they get two additional benefits from linking their apps -- the ability to roam application data across phones, tablets and PCs, and a single notification channel via Windows Push Notification Services (WNS).

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