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Fake Android Anti-Virus App Was a "Mistake" the Developers Claim

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The developer of a popular anti virus app for Android smartphones that appeared to do absolutely nothing, and was still downloaded over 30,000 times, says that the app should never have been put for sale on the Google Play app store.

The Android app, called Virus Shield promised to offer protection from viruses and malware, but do so without the battery draining effect that some anti-virus software apps can suffer from.

However analysis of the app found that apart from changing its icon when the virus protection was activated, it actually didn't do anything whatsoever.

The app developer, Deviant Solutions, founded by Jesse Carter says that the app should never have been uploaded to the app store as it was just a User Interface concept being worked on by a company designer.

He said that he pulled the app as soon as he saw the report about it being a fake in the Android Police website.

"One of our developers simply made a foolish mistake," Carter told the Guardian. "The app version that was decompiled by AndroidPolice was not intended to be released. It was an early placeholder that our ui designer created. There was a mix-up between the version that contained the antivirus code for our app."

However, there is still confusion about how a simple UI was compiled into the Android code and then uploaded to the Google Play store -- none of which are simply "click and forget" processes.

It's estimated that the fake app generated around US$90,000 in revenue, which Carter says he will be refunding to the buyers.

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