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Kuwaiti Politicians Approve Plans for Independent Telecoms Regulator

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Kuwait's politicians have approved a law that will see the creation of the country's first independent telecoms regulator.

At the moment, regulatory issues are handled by the Ministry of Communications, but as the government also owns the monopoly landline network, there have been concerns that caused a conflict of interest at times.

The bill approving the creation of the regulator is only the first stage though, as the actual regulatory powers being devolved from the Ministry are still not laid out.

Once the regulator has been formed though, there is a general expectation that the landline network will finally be privatised, and competition introduced into the market.

The lack of competition is one of the key factors considered to have held back broadband internet services in the country. While the three private mobile networks have deployed their services, the landline operator has lagged, and is still largely dependent on older copper based networks.

The politicians having approved the regulator's creation, the law still needs approval by the Emir, although that is expected to be a mere formality.

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