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Vodafone Slumps in UK Network Performance Tests

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Vodafone has come bottom in a series of tests of UK mobile networks by the analytics firm RootMetrics.

The analysis found that EE's early rollout of 4G paid big dividends. EE won every RootScore Award, whilst also finishing first in the RootMetrics Reliability and Speed Indices. Three stood out for its strong, second-place showing in the reliability results, while Vodafone trailed markedly in this category.

During its UK-wide testing, RootMetrics collected more than 840,000 samples, which is approximately one sample for every 100 mobile phone contracts in the UK. The company drove more than 23,000 miles and used off-the-shelf mobile phones to test outdoors, during driving, and at more than 1,000 indoor locations.

The UK-wide report provides a full breakdown of how each network performed across mobile internet, call, and text testing, as well as a summary view of which network was the fastest and which was the most reliable.

As at the UK level, EE led the way in the overall nation-by-nation RootScore results. EE and Three again proved to be the most reliable networks, with particularly strong reliability performances in Northern Ireland.

Overall Performance

Rank Network RootScore(R)
1 EE 84.6
2 Three 73.5
3 O2 66.5
4 Vodafone 52.4


Rank Network RootScore(R)
1 EE 86.3
2 O2 79.2
3 Three 76.3
4 Vodafone 66.6

Mobile Internet

Rank Network RootScore(R)
1 EE 81.0
2 Three 67.1
3 O2 48.4
4 Vodafone 30.2


Rank Network RootScore(R)
1 EE 93.0
2 O2 90.8
3 Three 90.4
4 Vodafone 88.3

Network Reliability

Rank Network Index Score
1 EE 77.7
2 Three 74.2
3 O2 59.1
4 Vodafone 40.2

Network Speed

Rank Network Index Score
1 EE 102.4
2 O2 75.9
3 Vodafone 72.9
4 Three 69.0

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