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Thai Regulator Looking to Cut Spectrum Offered in Auction

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Thailand's telecoms regulator is said to be considering reducing the amount of radio spectrum being offered in an auction later this year to raise bidding pressure on the mobile networks.

The regulator is able to offer 25Mhz of spectrum in the 1800Mhz bands, but is reported to be considering cutting that to two blocks of 10Mhz only. The remaining 5Mhz would be offered in a separate auction due to be held late in 2015.

Such a change would give two networks a head start over a third rival, and that could be enough to drive up the prices they are willing to pay.

Only the 1800Mhz spectrum is available for use when the auction ends, as all the other spectrum blocks being sold over the next 18 months wont be available for a year or more, with adds pressure on bidders to secure the 1800Mhz spectrum.

The main worry is that the mobile networks have already indicated that 10Mhz of 1800Mhz spectrum wont be enough to offer viable LTE services.

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