Thai Man Killed by Electrocution from Fake iPhone Charger

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

An investigation into the death of of a Thai man last November has found that the iPhone charger he used was a fake that short circuited.

Pisit Charnglek, 28 was found dead last November clutching his iPhone in bed. He had severe burns to his hand and chest.

An investigation by the telecoms regulator, the NBTC found that the charger the phone was plugged into at the time was a fake model. The charger had not been properly shielded or grounded, and used sub-standard cables.

The iPhone was a legitimate model, and not the cause of the electrocution, the NBTC stated.

NBTC secretary-general ThakornTantasit said that Pisit's death was the result of a defection of the adapter and the cable.

He reminded people of the importance of buying genuine accessories, especially those which plugged into mains electricity sockets.

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