EE to Allow Trade Union Literature In Offices

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UK based mobile network, EE has agreed to allow promotional material from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) displayed inside its buildings.

The company had been limited to handing out leaflets outside the company's buildings.

EE has agreed to a three-month trial during which CWU information outlining the benefits of union membership will be displayed in a communal area - thereby eradicating the need for leafleting to take place outside the buildings.

Meanwhile, in another move, EE is engaging with the CWU to provide training in the company's disciplinary and grievance procedures for CWU reps at a number of EE locations.

Assistant secretary John East said: "This is obviously an extremely positive development, because it will mean that our reps are better equipped to guide and support any of our members who are unlucky enough to be going through the disciplinary or grievance process.

"We are also in the process of finalising an online course for CWU reps that will further compliment this training, ensuring that our reps are as well equipped as they possibly can be when representing members who find themselves in difficult and often upsetting situations."

The union said that both the rep training initiatives and EE's constructive approach to CWU recruitment material being made available on site are viewed as encouraging early signs for the CWU's future relationship with the company.

EE does not formally recognise the CWU.

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