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US Court Rules that Upskirting is Legal

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

There have been calls for an urgent change to the law on privacy in the US State of Massachusetts after a court ruled that taking photos from underneath a ladies skirt could be lawful.

A man travelling on the MTA railway in 2010 was arrested and charged with "upskirting", or putting his mobile phone underneath the skirt of a lady and taking a photo between her legs.

However, the State's highest court ruled that no crime had been committed because the wording of the law used to prosecute the man only prohibited unauthorised photography of naked or partially undressed. That law, designed to prevent voyeurism did not apply to the lady, who was presumably fully clothed underneath her skirt.

Michael S. Robertson, 32, of Andover could have faced up to 2 years in jail had he been convicted. He hasn't commented on the court ruling.

Since the ruling was handed down, the MBTA railway has said that it will support efforts to change the law so that "upskirting" is criminalised.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said. "Everyone -- man or woman -- should have a right to privacy beneath their own clothes."

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