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Majority of BlackBerry Trade-Ins at T-Mobile Switch to Apple iPhone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

T Mobile USA's controversial offer to BlackBerry customers to trade their phones in for an Apple iPhone appears to have worked for the mobile network.

A leaked memo indicated that the mobile network has seen a 15-fold increase in old BlackBerry handsets being traded in.

Even after the deal was changed following an outcry to include a migration offer to a newer BlackBerry phone, the majority of the customers handed over an old BlackBerry phone and walked out with a new iPhone.

The memo didn't specify numbers, but did say that 94% of the trade-ins involved the customer choosing the iPhone over a new BlackBerry handset.

"Today is the last day of our limited time BlackBerry trade-in program, which was created to provide additional value as well as customer choice for our loyal BlackBerry customers," a T-Mobile spokesman said in a statement. "The program has been extremely popular, offering a trade-in value of $200 to $250 toward the purchase of a new device, driving a 15 fold increase in BlackBerry trade-ins."

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