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Apple Wants Court Order Before Handing Over Deceased Mother's Account Details

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple has told a British family that they would need to secure a court order before it can hand over the access details to their deceased mother's iPad.

Josh Grant, 26, from London, told BBC Radio 4's You & Yours programme that they have already shown Apple a death certificate and a solicitors letter providing that he inherited the iPad from his mother when she died.

Josh's mother, Anthea Grant bought the Apple device two years ago when diagnosed with cancer as a distraction when in hospital. When she finally died, her estate was split between the five children.

Since then they have been battling with Apple to be able to unlock the iPad and use it.

It has since become more an issue of principle than a battle over the value of the device. Although they have shown Apple a copy of the will bequeathing the iPad, a letter from a solicitor, and the death certificate, Apple now wants a court order before it will hand over the account details.

Mr Grant told the BBC that "It's going to have to go through our solicitor and he charges £200 an hour so it's a bit of a false economy".

Mr Grant said: "I thought we might use it as a shiny placemat. I'm a big fan of Apple, their security measures are great but we have provided so much evidence."

On the web: BBC Radio 4's You & Yours

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