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Twitter Apologises for Sending Out Incorrect Emails Warning of Hacked Accounts

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Social networking service, Twitter accidentally sent out thousands of emails to users warning them that their accounts had been compromised by hackers.

The emails that advised users to change their passwords were sent out on Monday, but the company now says that was a mistake.

Twitter didn't say how many people had been sent the emails, but it is understood to have been in the high thousands. The emails were of a generic nature that is sent out whenever Twitter detects unusual behaviour and just suggests that maybe the account has been compromised.

As a service, Twitter is routinely targetted by hackers due to the potentially high impact a single misleading message could have.

When the Associated Press's Twitter account was attacked, and a single message posted suggesting there had been an assassination attempt on Barack Obama's life, stock markets fell sharply, before recovering a few minutes later when the message was found to be a hoax.

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