Samsung's Sweet Selfie Success

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The most tweeted photo in the short history of Twitter was taken last night and was so popular that it even crashed the Twitter website for a while. It was also a success for one of the sponsors of the Hollywood awards show Samsung.

The "selfie" taken by Bradley Cooper of the host, Ellen DeGeneres and a host of other Oscar stars she had rounded up was taken on a Samsung smartphone.

Indeed, the entire affair while having all the appearance of a group of people on a happy night out randomly taking a photo appears to have been carefully arranged by Ms DeGeneres who prowled the auditorium looking for a suitable gathering to capture.

That the photo was taken on a Samsung was clear, not just from the meta-data encapsulated in the photo, but because the act of taking the photo was itself photographed by the many press photographers and the TV camera crews watching every moment of every person in the theatre.

While it does not scream Samsung to the average viewer, Samsung's marketing people will still be doubtless quietly satisfied that one of the biggest moments in last nights trade awards event, was captured and shared by one of their devices.

Even though, off-stage Ms DeGeneres actually prefers to use an iPhone.

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