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Czech Networks in 4G Infrastructure Sharing Talks

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Two Czech Republic networks have started talks that could see them sharing their LTE network infrastructure.

If a deal is reached, and subject to regulatory clearance, T-Mobile and O2 said that they intend to begin sharing their networks by the end of 2014.

Under the plan, the networks would be shared on the whole territory of the Czech Republic, with the exception of Prague and Brno. While T-Mobile would become responsible for managing and maintaining the network in the west of the country, O2 would run the eastern part.

"Above all, this project would allow for a faster roll-out of fast mobile broadband in the entire country," says Milan Vasina, CEO of T-Mobile Czech Republic. "The efficiencies that we would achieve will allow for further investments into our infrastructure and services," he adds.

Notwithstanding the result of the negotiations, both carriers will meet all the regulatory requirements regarding 4G development. Just like in other countries, the mobile networks aim to keep their network infrastructure separated and will operate using their own business strategies and offering their own products.

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