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WiMAX Forum and Global TD-LTE Initiative Announces Collaboration

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The two trade groups promoting WiMAX and TDD based LTE services have announced a partnership.

The new relationship will serve as a foundation to guarantee WiMAX Advanced is fully compatible with TD-LTE, which ensures WiMAX operators are able to share economy of scale of TD-LTE and provide service with either Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) or LTE services.

The WiMAX Forum proposes a co-labeling process of "WiMAX Advanced" and TD-LTE ecosystem products; and will also sponsor a WiMAX Advanced/TD-LTE platform, to be implemented by Taiwan CMB (Consortium of Mobile Broadband) to facilitate ecosystem interoperability in August 2014.

With some WiMAX operators upgrading to TD-LTE or endorsing WiMAX Advanced, industry responses to this harmonization is very timely.

Craig Ehrlich, Chairman at GTI said, "The reality is that many of our operator members are currently either running WiMAX or upgrading to WiMAX Advanced networks, which is fully compatible with LTE-TDD within their coverage areas. This alliance will help raise awareness and drive best practices for innovative network transitions, as operators seek to create a more streamlined interworking between WiMAX and LTE-TDD,."

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