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Mobile Networks Providing Insights into Mobile App Performance

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A mobile app testing service provider, Keynote has announced a new service for monitoring app performance, that is based around testing data it received from mobile networks rather than the apps.

Keynote says that as it uses mobile network data, their Mobile App Monitoring is the only on-demand solution that does not require any modification of the app being monitored.

Keynote says that its Mobile App Monitoring alerts teams to issues related to availability and responsiveness, and offers insight into root causes, isolating bottlenecks to specific services and APIs, including third parties. In conjunction with its existing web and mobile web monitoring solutions, Keynote now provides a unified view across all digital delivery channels in one management dashboard.

Gartner currently estimates only 5% of IT Operations teams currently monitor the performance of mobile apps.

"For our customers, Mobile App Monitoring brings new visibility of post-release app performance, where optimizing every digital interaction with consumers is critical," said Jennifer Tejada, CEO of Keynote. "This means development teams, marketing staff and digital asset managers can address app performance issues before they impact the customer experience and ultimately financial results."

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