Attempts to Let Smartphones Read a Users Facial Emotions

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Facial recognition software developer, nViso has signed an agreement with SIP platform solutions and DSP cores vendor, Ceva to develop a solution for mobile devices that includes nViso's unique emotion detection capabilities.

The software aims to combine nViso's facial micro-expression recognition software with the CEVA-MM3101 imaging and vision platform to deliver a set of facial analysis functions for use in mobile devices.

They noted that crucially, the solution consumes a fraction of the power typically required to run these tasks on a CPU, reducing the power consumption by a factor of 50x.

A primary use model of the nViso technology is to interpret people's emotions by tracking hundreds of micro-expressions and movements to gain a more accurate and real-time understanding of the user's emotional reactions to any media content, gaming or interactive experience.

The nViso facial imaging engine is also able to recognize people's age, gender, eye movements and other factors that can be used to deliver a more personalized experience to users.

"By leveraging the most proven and widely adopted platform for embedded vision applications we can deliver our unique facial imaging technology to a new class of mobile applications and devices, broadening the use model and benefit of this intelligent user interface," said Tim Llewellynn, CEO of nViso.

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