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Google Teases with List of Cities that Might Get 1Gbps Internet Speeds

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google has outlined the details of the cities will be expanding its 1Gbps fiber network to following its launch in three cities so far.

The service is currently available in Kansas City, Austin and Provo, and the company has now invited cities in nine metro areas around the USA -- 34 cities altogether -- to consider some form of joint venture partnership to expand the service.

The company said that it expects to announce the final short-list later this year, after it works with local city governments to see how they can overcome logistical and regulatory issues.

Google appears to be playing a nudge policy here.

It is not actively committing to develop the networks, but the threat of its entry into a local market does tend to shake-up the incumbent internet providers into improving their service.

By listing a number of targets, Google could be hoping to nudge the ISPs into improvements, without it having to dig up a single pavement.

Faster internet, regardless of who provides it is always good for Google, and if the company can encourage someone else to do the supplying, then even better for Google.

Planned deployments

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