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T-Mobile Scraps Roaming Charges Between USA and Canada - for Machines

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

USA based T Mobile has scrapped roaming charges for M2M users in USA or Canada.

The company claims that for some customers, the potential cost-savings of eSIM can be enormous. They cite a trucking company that travels frequently between the U.S. and Canada as an example. Between mapping services, video monitoring, email, fleet tracking software and vehicle diagnostics, a single truck might easily use 100MB of data per month while traveling in Canada. The roaming cost for that single truck alone could be as much as $200 per month or nearly $2,400 per year

"T-Mobile is uniquely situated to take a leadership position in the M2M market. We have the network, capacity and organizational nimbleness needed by companies bringing M2M products to market," said Drew Kelton, executive vice president, T-Mobile Business Markets.

Starting today, eSIM is available for businesses in the connected device market to integrate into their M2M solutions. eSIM ships fully configured out-of-the-box for use with multiple international carriers and can be easily pre-built into virtually any connected product.

T-Mobile said that it will continue to announce additional countries of support throughout 2014.

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