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Vodafone Australia Plans to Switch on LTE Roaming Shorty

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Vodafone Australia has announced that it will be enabling LTE roaming at some point around the middle of this year.

The company added that the roaming service, with other Vodafone networks in New Zealand and Europe would be added at no extra cost to the consumer, although the customer would have to sign up to the $5-a-day Red plan.

Benoit Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Australia said "Vodafone Australia is in an enviable position with the largest global network at its fingertips and therefore at the fingertips of its customers."

Hanssen added: "Travellers, whether on holiday or business, will be able to take their plan overseas for only $5 a day and enjoy the benefits of super-fast 4G. Whether updating Facebook or checking work emails, 4G roaming is easy to use and typically less expensive than many hotel wi-fi connections."

Vodafone Australia's announcement comes as Vodafone Group announced it would offer roaming on its 4G roaming to more countries than any other mobile operator worldwide.

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