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Americans Sitting on US$47 Billion in Unused Mobile Phones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A USA based phone recycler claims that there is a total of USD47 billion worth of unused second hand mobile phones lying around the country.

The research found that half of consumers say they have two or more unused cellphones in their household, with an overall average of 1.8 old devices. According to SellCell.com, the average handset is worth $91 when recycled online, meaning that American consumers, on average, are missing out on more than $160 in old devices sitting around at home.

Collectively, SellCell.com estimates that Americans have approximately $47 billion in unused mobile phones a 39 percent increase from $33.8 billion that SellCell.com found sitting in American homes in 2013.

The research also provided insight into why Americans keep so much value in old phones sitting around.

The most popular reasons included:

  • Nearly 40 percent (39.5%) hang on to old phones so that they have a spare in case their current one breaks.
  • 36 percent say they dont know what else to do with them.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 Americans admit to being too lazy to get rid of their old phones (17.4%).

Gender also influences habits with old mobile phones. According to the research, men are the most trade-in savvy, with 37.7 percent turning in their old phones for cash by recycling, selling in a shop or selling online directly to a buyer, as compared to only 28.2 percent of women. Women are more likely (22.5%) to give their old phones away to a family member or friend than men (17.8%).

Taken as a whole, SellCell.com believes the data shows a lack of consumer awareness when it comes to understanding the value sitting in old phones have.

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