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Apple Starts Verifying Mineral Supplies Don't Come from War Zones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple has started publishing details of which of its component suppliers may be at risk of sourcing materials from war or conflict zones.

Conflict minerals as they are called are often mined in areas held by rebel forces in civil wars, and often lack even the most basic of safety systems, and the profits are used to fuel weapons purchases.

The company has confirmed that all its sources of Coltan, a vital mineral in electronics is now ethically sourced, but said that there are still over a hundred suppliers of other minerals that remain unverified.

A total of 59 mineral suppliers are compliant, 23 have agreed to be tested, but the status at 104 suppliers is unknown.

"The ethical sourcing of minerals is an important part of our mission to ensure safe and fair working conditions," Apple said in its latest Supplier Responsibility Report.

The company said that it is now pushing suppliers of tin, tungsten, and gold just as hard to use verified sources.

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