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Thai Networks Given Until June to Improve Quality of Service

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Thailand's mobile network operators have been told that they have until June to improve the quality of their networks, or face the risk of losing their license as new regulations come into effect.

The telecoms regulator, the NBTC will gain the new powers in June to issue warnings right up to cancelling­ a mobile network's operating license if the breach is severe.

The new regulations, amongst other changes now require the networks to ensure an 85% successful completion rate across the entire country, rather than averaging it out as before, which lead to some areas doing quite well, and covering up for poor regions.

The vice-chairman of the regulator, Col Settapong Malisuwan said that the changes were in direct response to a surge in customer complaints last year about mobile network quality.

All three main private networks cleared the previous standards, but may fail the new tighter rules, the Colonel warned.

The regulator is also considering mandating a minimum mobile data download speed for 3G networks following complaints that speeds are sluggish on the new networks.

That matter has still to be debated though, as 3G speed is subject to so many outside variables.

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