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Geeksphone Starts Dual-Boot Smartphone Sales Later this Month

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Spanish smartphone manufacturer, Geeksphone has announced its latest model that will be able to switch between Android or the Firefox smartphone operating systems.

Long expected, the company has finally confirmed that sales will start later this month, with the phone selling for EUR289 (US$395), although that price is only available through its own website as an early-bird offer.

In addition, although being marketed as a dual-OS handset, the users will have to instal the Android OS themselves, as the company is primarily backing the Firefox software.

As the smartphone is aimed at the developer market though, that shouldn't prove too much of a headache, but does hint at a future were phones are shipped as empty boxes and the users download whichever OS they want when they first activate it.

The smartphone uses an Intel based processor, but is currently just 3G compatible. Shipments start on the 20th February.

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