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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Social networking website Twitter has started testing a new website page layout that is said to be closer to the way the Facebook website layout works.

Rather than a simple scrollable timeline, the layout seems to scatter content all over the place in a more haphazard way which seems to emphasis media content over plain text.

It's also a lot slower to read though.

The layout was first detected by staff at Mashable and Time who saw their website pages change from the timeline to the new cluttered look.

Twitter has previously said that it carries out tweaks to its website on an almost daily basis, but this is the most radical change to the website since Twitter launched.

The new design is also optimised for larger screens with enlarged header photos and profile sections.

However, for a lot of heavy users of Twitter, one of its biggest selling points has been the ability to swiftly scroll down a single column of updates. Going to a multi-column layout, where the width of the columns varies based on the size of the tweet is likely to cause a lot of discomfort for Twitter's long term heavy user base.

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