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Chinese Group Submits Report into Alleged Qualcomm Overcharging for Patents

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Further pressure on Qualcomm over its licensing practices in China after the Mobile China Alliance division of the China Communications Industry Association (CCIA) submitted a report accusing Qualcomm of harming Chinese mobile phone industry.

It alleges that Qualcomm has long been overcharging for its technology patents.

The report was sent to the National Development and Reform Commission, which last year started an investigation into the company and how it charges for its technology licenses.

Qualcomm has previously said that it is cooperating with the NDRC investigation, although it still has not been told what the substance of the complaints are.

The company confirmed last November that it is not aware of any charge by the NDRC that Qualcomm has violated the country's anti-monopoly laws. Around half of Qualcomm's revenues in the past year have come from China.

Qualcomm has been alleged in the past to have offered differential rates to some companies, although it has usually denied this or cited commercial confidentiality. It has also lost anti-trust cases in both Japan and South Korea, although it is appealing them.

The commission is still investigating the case.

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