Pakistan's Regulator Wants Neighbouring Countries to Remove Border Base Stations

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Pakistan's telecoms regulator has written to the government asking it to work with neighbouring countries to reduce the problem of foreign base stations leaking across the border.

However, the regulator, the PTA is taking a more draconian position than in most countries, and rather than seeking a reduction in tower emissions, it wants the towers removed entirely.

"The matter should be taken up with the Indian and Afghan Governments to ensure removal of towers along border areas," the PTA said in an official letter.

There are also reports that SIM cards from the foreign networks are being sold within Pakistan along the border areas, which also happens to evade the country's law that only persons who register their ID with the Pakistani networks can buy a SIM Card.

"Since the SIMs of both countries are in use in border areas because of their signals spilling over into Pakistan territory, law enforcement agencies are left with only the option of intercepting phone calls if any illegal activity is taking place," a PTA official said.

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