An Android Tablet with Split Personalities

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A US security firm has developed an Android tablet that splits work and personal usage by having two totally separated hardware based operating systems.

Operating code in one (including any malware) cannot access the other. One OS is called the "WorkZone," the other the "PlayZone," recognizing that tablets are increasingly used for both enterprise and personal activity.

The two OS's do not share resources that could possibly cause cross-contamination, distinguishing the technology from methods such as sandbox/containerization, virtualization, profile separation.

The company, InZero Systems says that it developed the product to address the BYOD market, while also offering a level of security for the company data that is required by IT managers.

Each Zone can be managed autonomously and contain separate Android security applications, as desired. Switching between Zones takes a few seconds by touching a switch icon. The Tablet also embodies additional security features such as AES256 encryption and a secure boot.

Lou Hughes, Chairman of InZero, who formerly served as President of General Motors International, President of Lockheed Martin and U.S. State Department Chief of Staff for Afghanistan Reconstruction, noted, "We think the WorkPlay Technology keeps important data out of harm's way by making sure that it can't be corrupted through casual or careless use of the device, and that makes the administrator's job much easier. Personally, I use one Zone just for online transactions, and the other for everything else."

The WorkPlay Technology can be adapted to mobile devices using CPUs with Trustzone technology.

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