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T-Mobile Wins Lawsuit Against AT&T Over the Colour Purple

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

T Mobile USA says that it has won a lawsuit against AT&T over the colour purple.

T-Mobile has long used a shade of purple for its brand, and when AT&T launched its own low-cost service, branded Aio Wireless, it was also used a purple shade -- which it called plum.

The core of the argument centred on the fact that Aio Wireless is a prepay service, and was launched around the same time that T-Mobile revamped its services into a more prepay like format.

In the court filing, T-Mobile accused that "Aio does not use the orange coverage map of its parent company, but instead uses in its stores and on its website a magenta coverage map that is strikingly similar in color to the one used by T-Mobile."

The court has now agreed with T-Mobile.

In a statement, T-Mobile said that a federal court has ordered AT&T to stop using "magenta or similar colors in all of its marketing and advertising, including stores, web sites and social media. "

T-Mobile USA said that the court order supports position that wireless customers identify T-Mobile with magenta and that T-Mobile's use of magenta is protected by trademark law. 

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