Deutsche Telekom to Cut CO2 Emissions by 20% by 2020

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Deutsche Telekom has announced plans to reduce its group wide CO2 emissions by 20 percent across the Group by the year 2020. This means that the Group will reduce these emissions by around 430,000 tons of CO2 per year.

This amount is equivalent to the emissions from about 28 flights around the world.

Birgit Klesper, Head of Group Transformational Change & Corporate Responsibility, said: "The international climate protection target is an important milestone on the road to a comprehensive climate protection strategy at Deutsche Telekom.."

First, the actual emissions from direct (for example, fuel oil and diesel) and indirect (for example, purchased electricity and long-distance heating) energy use were analyzed for the mobile network, the fixed network, data centers, buildings, offices, information technology and the vehicle fleet. Emissions from business travel were also scrutinized. A development forecast was then made up to the year 2020 based on business projections and the identification of appropriate energy efficiency programs.

Luis Neves, Group Representative for Climate Change and Sustainability, said: "In 2014 our focus will be on identifying more efficiency potential, including additional Group units and increasing the amount of renewable energy sources in the electricity mix."

When it comes to climate protection Deutsche Telekom has made notable progress. Among other achievements, network technology has been converted from old to new on a global scale. Today, 12,000 mobile sites and therefore half of the old GSM facilities have already been replaced on schedule.

Around 1,500 employees participated in eco-driving lessons in 2013. Other examples include the installation of a modern LED lighting system in DT offices in Frankfurt and the launch of e-mobility projects in Hamburg and Bonn.

In addition to reductions of CO2 emissions, most of the changes being cited also tend to save money.

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