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Document Leaks Future iPhone and Samsung Handset Details

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

What could be one of the biggest handset leaks in recent years has come from a South Korean analyst which published the alleged specifications of both forthcoming Samsung and Apple flagship smartphones.

More worrying for Apple, at the hardware side at least, the Samsung device looks to be the more powerful handset. Whether that is enough to tempt Apple-loyalists is probably unlikely, but it might cause some wavering Apple fans to switch brands.

The document, which may be based on actual insights, or leaks sent to the analyst seems to confirm that Apple will release two new models this year, with one edging into the phablet market.

The camera is still set at a modest 8-megapixel, although it has to be noted that Apple puts more effort into its lenses and software, so while the headline megapixel figure may be lower than Samsung, the photos could be comparable.

Whether consumers who tend to play the specifications inflation game will accept an apparently inferior camera is something to watch for.

Meanwhile, the Samsung smartphone matches most recent rumours, although it will also support LTE-A in the countries that have launched it -- making data downloads noticeably faster for the users.

If Samsung and Apple boses are looking at the document and recognising their handsets being accurately described, then they are likely to be wondering if its not too later to make changes to ensure superiority over their rival.

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