ZX Spectrum Games Developer Suspends IOS App Sales in Royalties Dispute

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

UK based mobile apps developer, Elite Systems has withdrawn all its iPhone games following a spate of complaints that it hasn't paid royalties to the original games designers.

The company, itself an early 1980s computer games developer converts old 1980s games for use on smartphones by a nostalgic customer base.

However, a series of postings on Sinclair fan forums from games designers who licensed their games to the company have suggested that it has at best been late in making payments, or not made any payments at all.

In a statement, Elite Systems company Director, Steve Wilcox admitted that there had been problems and that they would withdraw all iPhone apps from sale until they have sorted out their accounting systems to ensure payments are made.

In his statement, Wilcox said that he accepted that he had failed in his "duty to ensure that some of the reports and some of the payments - due to the ZX Spectrum game developers, with whom Elite has contractual relationships - were made in accordance with the agreed terms"

He added that "This has been a personally chastening experience"

In app purchases through existing games has also been suspended.

In related news, the company's attempt to raise funding to develop a BlueTooth enabled ZX Spectrum emulator secured the minimum level needed through a crowdfunding effort.

On the web: Elite Systems - World of Spectrum - Kickstarter

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