Microsoft Looks to the Clouds for its New CEO

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Microsoft could be looking to the cloud as it seeks a replacement CEO as it is widely expected to name Satya Nadella, the company's enterprise and cloud chief as Steve Ballmer's replacement.

Ballmer is due to retire by August, and after assesing a number of internal and outside candidates the Microsoft board is reportedly close to deciding on Nadella as his replacement.

Nadella, 46, emerged as one of the stronger candidates to replace departing CEO Steve Ballmer several weeks ago, people familiar with the search have said.

It has also been suggested by Bloomberg News that the shake-up could be bigger than expected with Bill Gates finally severing his link with the company and stepping down as Chairman.

Gates has been Chairman since 1981, when Ballmer took over his role as CEO.

The departure of the two men most associated with Microsoft's time as a desktop centric company could mark a significant shift for the company as it looks towards software-as-service delivery and mobile applications.

Such a move could be bolstered by Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia, even though it has typically struggled in the mobile hardware market in the past.

If Nadella does take over as CEO, it is likely that Nokia will move to become the company's hardware front in the cloud battle for mobility services.

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