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O2 Trials New Pay Rates for Shop Employees

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The UK's Communications Workers Union (CWU) says that it has welcomed the trial of a new pay structure for employees working in O2 shops in Kent and Essex, East Scotland and Bristol and South Wales, who will see their salary increase to £16,000 during the trial.

As part of the Telefonica 2013 pay claim the union said that it had highlighted members' concerns that their pay is not in line with market rates and does not allow individuals to progress to the maximum rate of pay.

Sally Bridge, CWU assistant secretary, hailed the move as a step in the right direction: "We welcome this trial as we believe it will demonstrate the business can move towards a more service-led culture with a pay structure that supports this. This is what the vast majority of our members want so that they can progress through the salary range to the maximum pay point."

Over the years the CWU said that it has consistently argued to Telefonica regarding the pay reward structure which has resulted in this trial.

Sally added: "The purpose of the trial is to better understand the impact that the new proposed reward mechanism will have on both the customer and employee performance when base pay is increased and bonus is reduced."

The trial is due to start on 2nd February in 49 stores and run for three months. Employees taking part in the trial receive uplifted basic pay through monthly ex-gratia payments. Bonus payments will be reduced to a pro rata 10% for the trial period.

No advisors participating in the trial will lose out financially. A review will be conducted once the trial finishes on whether it has been successful which will be subject to full consultation and agreement with the CWU regarding national implementation.

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