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Apple Wins Auto-Complete Patent Case Against Samsung

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A Judge in the USA has ruled that Samsung infringed on an Apple patent covering how their phones recommend words as users type letters.

The patent covers a method for how a touchscreen device suggests words after a user has started typing a few letters.

The patent was filed in January 2007, just days before the Apple iPhone was shown off, and Steve Jobs made his famous remark that the company had patented everything they could on it.

The patent notes that the auto-complete function by use of a graphical display could be used in devices with small screens.

Samsung had tried to argue that the wording of the patent limited it to just devices that included a physical keyboard, but Judge Lucy Koh rejected that argument noting that the patent description had specifically referred to the limitations of touchscreen phone sizes.

"We are disappointed by the court's decision, and look forward to the jury trial, when the jury is expected to consider the claims related to the remaining summary judgment requests that were denied," said a spokesman for Samsung.

Apple could now seek to have Samsung products banned from import into the USA, and potentially any Android phone based on the same technology.

The two companies are still expected to meet with a mediator next month to try and agree a way out of the increasingly ruinous patent wars between the two sides.

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